If you have found your way here, welcome! We are still a very new program in the final stages of development. Stick around… there will be a lot of changes ahead in the days to come!

Emotional Trauma Life Support©, or ETLS©, is a brand-new, first of its kind training program to train Emergency Responders in how to effectively deal with survivors of severe emotional trauma- such as after the loss of a family member. This is such a critical area but as yet there are extremely limited training resources on how to work with these delicate situations. ETLS’ two-pronged approach also gives responders a set of tools that they can use to build resiliency and prepare for these calls ahead of time, thus minimizing the long term effects on their own health and career, as well as finding ways to help mitigate damage already done. ETLS© uses a very unique training algorithm to teach and train these new techniques, built from existing knowledge already in place in the responders’ initial training, to significantly increase both comprehension- in the cognitive and affective domains- and to dramatically increase retention.

Coming soon:
-Fully-referenced topical White Paper
-Results of initial field testing
-Reviews & recommendations from our first field tests
-A more thorough introduction to our program
-Downloadable resources for program participants
-Contact information for scheduling requests
…and more!